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Antennas WRU The microwave link relays the telemetry data and the line power control over distances of up to 3 km. 7 GHz. The WRU operates from a standard 12 V battery and provides remote power for the isolated line sections. See chapter 5 for details. 1-20 January 2003 Installation Manual Field electronics Laser Link 1 For long detours on a Line or a Transverse, a licence-free, line-of-sight, infrared data link can be implemented. The maximum distance covered (up to 3750 m) depends on the type of transceiver used.

Two power connectors are available so that a low battery can be replaced without interrupting the power supply. See Chapter 8 for details. 1-22 January 2003 Installation Manual Field electronics The REM comes with a Radio Tester (RRT408) that allows the user to test the REM internal operation, and test communications with other equipment on the transverse line(s) and with SURs. (See 408UL Technical Manual). Also, an RF Spectrum Monitor (RFS408) is available that allows the user to display a spectrum of RF signal strengths in the 215 to 231 MHz range that are received via the REM.

You can use as many fiber optics cables as required, in series connection (each up to 2000 m long). LRU The LRU (Line Remote Unit) is a long range point-to-point radio relay that can be inserted anywhere in a spread as an element of the 408UL network to relay the data transmission on a Line or a Transverse. ). Built in the LRU is a full performance LAUX, optimizing the deployment of field hardware. Operating in a relatively low radio frequency band (215 MHz to 250 MHz), it can be used in difficult areas.

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