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By Dwight Goddard

An creation to Zen Buddhism.

Published by way of Beacon Press, fifth printing, 1996.

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This is called right effort. (A. IV. 14) Th e effort of avoiding, overcoming, Of developing and maintaining: Such four great efforts have been shown By him, the scion of the sun. And he who firmly clings to them May put an end to all the pain. Se v e n t h St e p Right Attentiveness What now is Right Attentiveness? (D. 22) T h e only way that leads to the attainment of purity, to the overcoming of sorrow and lamentation, to the end of pain and grief, to the entering upon the right path and the realisation of Nibbana, is the Four Fundamentals of Attentive­ ness.

___ ^______ 5° SELECTIONS FROM PALI SOURCES (1) One may enjoy the different Magical Powers (iddhividha). (2) With the Heavenly Ear (dibba-sota), the purified, the super-human, one may hear both kinds of sounds, the heavenly and the earthly, the distant and the near. (3) With the mind one may obtain Insight into the Hearts of Other Beings (parassa cetoparinna-nana), of other persons. (4) One may obtain Remembrance of many Previous Births (pubbenivas’ anussati-nana). — (5) With the Heavenly Eye (dibba-cakkhu), the purified, the super-human, one may see beings vanish and reappear, the base and the noble, the beautiful and the ugly, the happy and the unfortunate; one may perceive how beings are reborn ac­ cording to their deeds.

117) Now right action, let me tell you, is of two kinds: 1. Abstaining from killing, from stealing, and from unlawful sexual intercourse:— this is called the Mundane Right Action, which yields worldly fruits and brings good results. 2. But the abhorrence of the practice of this three-fold wrong action, the abstaining, withholding, refraining therefrom — the mind being holy, being turned away from the world and conjoined with the path, the holy path being pursued:— this is called the Ultramundane Right Action, which is not of the world, but is ultramundane and conjoined with the paths.

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