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The 20 papers during this quantity are a variety from these awarded on the thirty fourth LSRL, held in Salt Lake urban, in 2004. The papers take care of quite a lot of theoretical concerns in Romance Linguistics and contain numerous from the convention parasession, which all in favour of experimental techniques to difficulties in Romance Linguistics.

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This dictionary is particularly functional and worthwhile, specifically for contemporary journalistic writing. Given the nice great quantity of sub-dialects in Kurdish, even in the Kurmanci dialect itself, there'll be phrases that the consumer will not be able to discover during this dictionary, yet regardless of those barriers, created extra by way of the location of the Kurdish language itself than because of any shortcomings at the a part of the compiler, this can be the popular Kurdish dictionary for many English-speaking scholars of Kurdish.

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A, a judge, loses his brief case * B finds a lost brief case belonging to A, a judge, and restores it to him; and the acquaintance, thus begun, ripens into love ** (801) (822) 7 (a) (898) (1073) A is crude, unhandsome and repellant to the ladies, although he desires to be a gallant * A receives from A-7 a small object of mystery, X, which A-7 declares will make him redoubtable in love. A takes X and fares forth to try it ** (8a) (1330) (1347) PLOTTO Love’s Beginnings 27 Love and Courtship 7b-10c (b) (1403) (1418a) A is in love with B and fears his affair is hopeless * A, in order to prosper his love affair with B, secures a love philtre from the Seventh Son of a Seventh Son—a philtre that is guaranteed to bring him the love of B ** (249) (1433b; 1363) 8 (a) (7a, b) (1061) A has a repellant personality and, knowing it, he is timid in love * A is timid in love but, armed with a love charm, X, he becomes bold, and wins success ** (161) (378) (454) (b) (7a, b) (1330) A’s love affair with B is not prospering.

163. B learns that her lover, A, has fallen into desperate misfortunes. 91. B, in love with A, seeks to save A from disaster. 1155. B, in love with A, learns that A is desperately involved in debt * B unknown 12 PLOTTO Introduction to A, settles with A’s creditors and frees him from debt ** 364d *-**. A’s gratitude to B blossoms into love; and when A is sure he has rehabilitated his character, he proposes to B and is accepted. In the Classification by Character Symbols, all terminal Conflicts are marked by the parentheses number of the C Clauses.

Likewise, bCN-A, female cousin of A; aCN-B, male cousin of B, bGCH-A, female grandchild of A, aCH, male child, etc. X added to any character gives to the character a suggestion of mystery. PLOTTO 24 1a-g Love and Courtship Love’s Beginnings CONFLICT SITUATIONS ( 5 0 ) B E I N G I M P E L L E D BY A N U N U S UAL MOTIVE TO E N GAG E I N C RA FT Y E N T E RPRISE 1 (a) (112) (117) (148) (656) A, poor, is in love with wealthy and aristocratic B * A, poor, in love with wealthy B, pretends to be a man of wealth ** (187) (228) (233) (347a -*) (b) (171) (734) (1106 -* ch B to A) (1146) A, of humble birth, falls in love with aristocratic B * A, of humble birth, in love with aristocratic B, pretends to be a man of high social standing ** (139) (153) (209) (1200) (c) (918a) (926) (928a) A, in love with B, finds that B considers him too perfect for married happiness * B considers her lover, A, too perfect for married happiness; so A simulates a “hardboiled” character in order to prove that he is not so perfect as he seems ** (1167) (1170) (1216) (1227 a, b, c) (d) (148) (149) (160) A, elderly, is in love with youthful B * A, elderly, in love with youthful B, seeks to forward his love affair by simulating youth ** (40 a, b) (75b) (78) (97) (156) (330a) (e) (59) (1146) (1175a) A, a crook, outlaw, gambler, pretends to be an honest man in order to forward his love affair with B (280a, b, tr A & A-3) (318; 236; 267) (252a) (f) (230) (1060) (1101) A is in love with B, who is devoted to scientific pursuits * A, who knows nothing of the sciences, pretends to be engaged in scientific research ** (179a, b, c) (181 a, b, c) (g) (234a -*) (1061) (1150) A falls in love with romantic B * A, in love with romantic B, pretends to be a hero ** (234a *-**) (1150; 851; 885a) (1227b, c) PLOTTO Love’s Beginnings 25 Love and Courtship 1h-2h (h) (43 -*) (101b) (898 -*) A quarrels with his sweetheart, B, and fears he is losing her love * A, fearing he is losing the love of B, pretends to take poison with suicidal intent ** (249)(262a, b, c) (1461b) 2 (a) (949a) (954) (968) A, a poor clerk, finances a “fling” in high society * A, a poor clerk financing a “fling” in high society, meets wealthy and aristocratic B (1146 ch A to B) (1187 ch A to B), and they fall in love ** (1461a ch A to B) (146a, c) (b) (1146) (1175a) (1197) A, a fugitive from the law and using a fictitious name, falls in love with B * A, craftily engaged in a secret enterprise, falls in love with B (1146 ch A to B) (1169 ch A to B) who has also embarked upon a crafty enterprise ** (91) (224) (233) (876a) (c) (232) (420) (818b) A, one of the “idle rich,” gratifies his love of adventure by frequenting the slums in the character of a city “tough” * A, disguised as a city “tough,” meets B, and they fall in love ** (114) (220) (358) (d) (818a) (1197) (1198) A is mistaken by B for A-8.

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