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This formidable e-book provides a brand new interpretation of chinese language suggestion guided either by way of a philosopher's experience of puzzle and through a valid philosophical conception of that means. That twin objective, Hansen argues, calls for a unified translation conception. It needs to offer a unmarried coherent account of the problems that stimulated either the lately untangled chinese language linguistic research and the frequent moral-political disputes. Hansen's unified strategy uncovers a philosophical sophistication in Daoism that conventional debts have ignored.

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The reader may now appreciate my motive in this section. These ideas are not separate items like packages of cereal that one may take off the shelves of the supermarket of ideas. To attribute one of these ideas to a philosophical culture is to attribute the network of ideas to them. The reasonableness of attributing one belief from the set depends on their having a theory in which it functions along with the others. Something counts as the same idea only if it has the same theoretical connections.

Sentential role-marking (part-of-speech inflections) directs our attention to the sentence as the linguistic unit in which each part of speech plays a role. The syntactical rules requiring both a subject and a predicate also draw our attention to the notion of a complete, freestanding unit. The other difference is the theoretical focus oji semantic content—truth. Here the sentence represents the complete thought, the map of a state of affairs, the fact. Truth is a property primarily of sentences.

Inevitably, they filled out the story with all the rest of the traditional Western theory-laden terminology that accompanies our theory of language: subjective-objective, subject-predicate, object-property, noun-adjective, and member-set. They also rely heavily on the Buddhist importation of the Western mind-body, reason-emotion, belief-desire, reality-appearance dichotomies. For none of this do we find any sound textual basis in the Daoist classics themselves. The ruling theory chose a line of explanation that led to the impenetrable mysticism of a single subject.

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