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By Loren Bliese

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Qe of marker Noun phrase complement Relative sentence Sentence or verb phrase complement -Vm is added to Finite verb end of sentence No marker Finite verb Different verbs select different medals: (a) No complementizer: (a) Aspect is lost 1. Subjunctive -u but person and 2. Jussive -ay number are retained (b) Infinitive com( b) Aspect, perplementizer: son, and number are lost 1. - i 2. - 'e ob'be (1) gee-'e-e-m go-you-perf-nom I heard, I heard that you went. ) (2) y-e-mee'te ab'ba t-u-b'le he-perf-came father you-perf-saw You saw the father who came.

44 A Generative Grammar of Afar A common use of this construction is with the imperative of edx in the sense of let. aa- 'cab-ay 'yoo in-EI ix I,impf-drink-juss me say,impera Let me drink. 'gen-n-ay 'nee in'Elix-a go-we-juss us say,impera-pl Let(pl) us go. Infinitive -'e Plus -h me'ce ought The verb me'ce may take the -'e infinitive plus -h in the meaning it is good for or ought. This is different from the negative use of the -'e infinitive complement in structure because of the obligatory -h. Since only the -'e infinitive is used, which does not appear in other structures than sentence complements and future, it is best derived as a sentence complement.

Constructions in which sentences joined by conjunctives have postpositional phrases which modify the same noun will have their postpositions reduced to el 'le or ed'de even though the first construction loses its relative structure because of the conjunctive. 24 A Generative Grammar of Afar 'woo gacam 1 bo el 'le y-okmee- 1 ni-h 'yaasus yal 1 la-h that bread at they-ate-pl-perf,part Jesus God-to 1 'xamdu el 'le gax's-e a'raxa-k da ci 1... dowaa 1 nik thanks at brought-he,perf place-from near boat y-emee'te (John 6:23) it-came A boat came near the place where they ate that bread and where Jesus offered thanks to God.

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