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By Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm; Buck, Keith; Fornari, Giuseppe; Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm

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It contained the seeds of its own defeat because its origin was not the fullness of Being but its absence. The excremental circle thus had to expand continually, to embrace ever vaster segments of reality. It was a continuous threat, became the cursing of himself and his divine nature, and reached the point of slandering his mother, saying she had lost her precious urine (“They cursed me during the night; they said my mother had wet 20 Chapter Two herself ”), which was equivalent to the expulsion, the cancellation of her son.

46 But freedom of choice diminishes continually within the pathological triangle: the imitator sees his model as increasingly unattainable and himself as condemned by an ineluctable fate to perpetual defeat. While the model becomes circumfused with divine light, his follower sees himself relegated to the shadows, a mediocrity, abandoned and non-existent. ” In this letter Nietzsche tried to repair the sorry figure that he had cut yet again with the Wagners, who were about to transfer to Bayreuth: Most Revered Maestro, I live in constant remembrance of the days in Bayreuth, and everything new I learnt and experienced in so short a time now spreads out before my eyes ever more fully.

Here the remnants of what was once the philosopher’s personality can be recognized. This is the ground level of behavior, where the structure that was previously hidden becomes visible, now translated most literally into gestures and delirious rituals. Most striking at first is the greed for food and drink together with the obsession about solid and liquid excrement. This is the translation, the monstrous ‘reification’ of Nietzsche’s megalomania, of his desire. 19 In the next few chapters we shall examine the causes of such a convulsive inflation, but for the moment we should note how Nietzsche’s exploded desire has been reduced to ‘divinizing’ bodily signs, objects, and functions.

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A God torn to pieces : the Nietzsche case by Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm; Buck, Keith; Fornari, Giuseppe; Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm

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