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Vowel harmony There are five vowel-initial suffixes in MIG Zoque: 1. result noun -a/-´ (~ -a//-´/); 2. participle -i/-e (~ -i//-e/); 3. indefinite -an´m/-´n´m; 4. imperative -a//-´/; 5. reciprocal -´/-a. Each has two basic alternations, in which the choice of vowel depends on the height of the preceding vowel. /´/ must be classified as a high vowel for this system, although phonetically it is a mid vowel. The 'sixth vowel' in the other Mixe-Zoquean languages is the high central vowel /u_/; the MIG Zoque vowel harmony system conforms with that inventory.

Stress MIG Zoque words have primary stress on the penultimate syllable. 8). In some cases this contraction may have occurred at an earlier stage of the language, but it also remains as an ongoing process. 1) is of a word with regular, penultimate stress, which is predictable and therefore not marked. Example (ii) is a Spanish loan word borrowed with the original stress intact. Example (iii) is a MIG Zoque word, whose irregular final stress developed at an earlier stage of the language. In example (iv), the measure suffix -na@N carries its own stress.

Example (v) illustrates this process more clearly: the irregular final stress is the result of the contraction of two syllables at the end of the word. 1) (i) hukut´k (ii) 1 /anmaèl Historical reconstruction is beyond the scope of this synchronic study of MIG Zoque grammar. 6) in order to account for the irregular stress pattern. 2. ). There are only a small number of inflectional morphemes that are vowel-initial, such as the reciprocal suffix -A-. These will acquire an onset from the coda of the preceding syllable.

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