A Guide to Physics Problems. Thermodynamics, Statistical by Cahn S., Nadgorny B. PDF

By Cahn S., Nadgorny B.

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A consultant to Physics difficulties is a two-volume set of difficulties taken from Ph.D. qualifying assessments. half 2 - the better half to half 1: Mechanics, Relativity, and Electrodynamics (Plenum 1994) - beneficial properties 182 hard issues of unique ideas, textbook references, transparent illustrations, and an easy-to-use structure.

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Let the piston be released. a) What is its final equilibrium position? b) How much heat will be transmitted to the bath in the process of equilibration? 29 Heat Extraction (MIT, Wisconsin-Madison) a) A body of mass M has a temperature-independent specific heat C. If the body is heated reversibly from a temperature to a temperature what is the change in its entropy? THERMODYNAMICS AND STATISTICAL PHYSICS 17 b) Two such bodies are initially at temperatures of 100 K and 400 K. A reversible engine is used to extract heat with the hotter body as a source and the cooler body as a sink.

A certain amount of gas with initial temperature pressure and volume is heated by a current flowing through a platinum wire for a time The experiment is done twice: first at a constant volume with the pressure changing from to and then at a constant pressure with the volume changing from The time t is the same in both experiments. Find the ratio (the gas may be considered ideal). 31). and are adiabatic compression and expansion, respectively; and are constant-volume processes. 32 and atm. 32). Assume that the heat capacities of the gas and are constant.

1): THERMODYNAMICS AND STATISTICAL PHYSICS 37 a) Show that the isothermal work done by the gas is where is the average number of photons in the mode. 77 Blackbody Radiation and Early Universe (Stony Brook) The entropy of the blackbody radiation in the early universe does not change if the expansion is so slow that the occupation of each photon mode remains constant (or the other way around). To illustrate this consider the following problem. A one-dimensional harmonic oscillator has an infinite series of equally spaced energy states, with where is a positive integer or zero and is the classical frequency of the oscillator.

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