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'Abd al-Malik, who got here to prominence in the course of the moment civil conflict of early Islam, governed the Islamic empire from 692 till 705. not just did he effectively suppress uprising in the Muslim international and extend its frontiers, yet in lots of respects he based the empire itself. by means of approximately seven hundred, the sorts of a brand new realm, which stretched from North Arica within the west to Iran within the east, has taken transparent form with 'Abd al-Malik at its head. This e-book covers the beginnings and upward thrust to strength of this immensely influential caliph, in addition to his non secular guidelines and techniques, his economic, administrative and army reforms, and his legacy, together with the Dome of the Rock, the oldest surviving huge construction erected through Muslims.

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While everything I write will be new to the beginner, some of what I argue, especially concerning Ibn al-Zubayr and the construction of ‘Abd al-Malik’s state, will be unfamiliar to most everyone else. I have suppressed all notes, but I indicate the sources of passages quoted directly; I have also included a brief bibliography and a guide to further reading. In theory, the history made by Muslims in the seventh and eighth centuries should be as explicable and comprehensible to non-Muslim Westerners as that made by anyone else at any other time.

His support was fairly wide (although not necessarily deep), and included not only Arab Muslims, but relatively large numbers of slaves and freedmen. He enjoyed considerable success as a result, appointing governors over regions in northern Iraq and Iran that had been administered from Kufa; in 686 a commander of his led a signal victory against an Umayyad army in northern Iraq. The second source of opposition to Ibn al-Zubayr came from the Kharijites, another sectarian grouping that would cause no end of trouble for the Umayyads.

Provided that visitors are equipped with binoculars and good Arabic, they can decipher this 240-meter long inscription for themselves. ” This being an Islamic building, “year 72” means the 72nd year after Muhammad’s emigration from Mecca to Medina, which took place in 622 of the Common Era; according to our calendar, the year began in early June of 691 and ended in late May of 692. By this time, Muhammad had been dead for sixty years, the polity he left behind having been led first by four close Companions (contemporaries of his) and then by the short-lived Sufyanid branch of the Umayyad dynasty, which ruled from 661 to 683.

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