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By Jeff Imada

ISBN-10: 0938676075

ISBN-13: 9780938676072

E-book by means of Imada, Jeff

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Again, aim for a little wider than shoulders’ width. Experiment and strike a balanced trade-off between stability and mobility. 31 Ch 03 (23-58):Ch 03 (23-58) 3/26/12 2:10 PM Page 32 THE STANCE Figure 14: The proper stance strikes a balance between mobility and stability. 32 Ch 03 (23-58):Ch 03 (23-58) 3/26/12 2:10 PM Page 33 THE STRAIGHT LEAD Finally, remember that “phasic bent-knee”? One of its purposes is to lower the center of gravity, contributing to a more stable stance. Keep this in mind when we get to the chapter on mechanics.

Too low, and you may lose springiness. ”20 Always take the extra time to stop and ask yourself how a particular alignment, posture, or technique feels. Simply going through the motions is not enough. The fact that your feet and arms are aligned similarly to those in the illustrations doesn’t mean that you are completely in the correct stance. You must feel all that potential energy in your left foot. You must feel your center of gravity striking the correct balance of mobility and stability. And when you hit it, when it feels good, take note of it.

Now compare this with the proper thumbs-up, bottom-three-knuckles fist in JKD, as demonstrated in Figure 20. You should be feeling a lot more solid. Figure 20: Correct use of bottom three knuckles at point of impact. There is no bend at the wrist, and the power line is not disrupted. 37 Ch 03 (23-58):Ch 03 (23-58) 3/26/12 2:10 PM Page 38 THE STANCE Keep in mind that one of the underlying principles of the straight lead design is Newton’s third law, which states that when an object exerts a force on another object, that second object exerts an equal and opposite force on the first.

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