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Solve for h and turn the complex current back into a physical one. -HI2 sin cut I (2& FIG. 4 Ans: 2eJ^, (l+j)eJ^ Mesh equations 2&m = (2 +j)/i -2h -(H-j)ei W 4 =2/i+(2-j)/ 2 h: 3(1 - j) e}w or 3 V2 sin («/ - TT/4) A 5. The circuit of Fig. 5 is excited at an angular frequency of 1000 rad/sec. d. across the 8000 Cl load, and the possible phase angles with respect to the excitation. 1000 c o s w t / ^ \ Volts v-' | H 3 2H § I 0 H °t *3 FIG. 5 Ans: ± 1600 cos (o^ +143°) volts 34 ADVANCED ELECTRIC CIRCUITS 0+j8 0+j2 T o BO L § M 3 2L + -OD (a) AO- -OC -OC BO- -OD (b) FIG.

C. bridge shown in Fig. 4. FIG. 4 Ans: R1R4 =-- R2R3 = L/C 50 ADVANCED ELECTRIC CIRCUITS 5. c. bridge shown in Fig. 5. FIG. c. bridge networks discussed in the previous chapter are tuned. Similarly an electrical filter is a network which offers less impedance to currents of certain frequencies than to those at other frequencies and so a filter is also a tuned network. The relationship between any chosen parameters for the network is known as its response curve or characteristic and it is usually the aim of the designer of a network to achieve a characteristic as close to an ideal one as is possible with reasonable economy.

T— c ^REtotol parallel loss >r=totol series loss F I G . 9 F I G . 10 If the circuit is a smey resonant one we should compound the series equivalent circuits, so that total loss = rL + r^ If it is a parallel resonant one we compound the parallel equivalents.

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