Advanced Fracture Mechanics by Melvin F. Kanninen, Carl H. Popelar PDF

By Melvin F. Kanninen, Carl H. Popelar

ISBN-10: 0195035321

ISBN-13: 9780195035322

This ebook provides an in depth, unified, and up to date method of the nonetheless constructing topic of fracture mechanics from an utilized mechanics standpoint. Progressing from the straightforward to the extra complicated subject matters, it is going past the good built zone of linear elastic fracture mechanics to think about the dynamic and elastic-plastic regimes, and in doing so, extends the topic right into a broader diversity of sensible engineering functions.

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As an especially pertinent example, the fracture of a generator rotor, described by Schabtach et al. 41). 41). 5 The Stress Intensity Factor Irwin’s masterstroke was to provide a quantitative relation between the sometimes mathematically awkward strain energy release rate, a global parameter, and the stress intensity factor, a local crack-tip parameter. 27). 32) needed two specific relations: for a,,,the normal stress on the crack line, and u, the opening displacement of the crack faces. 2-19) * While the quantity G, was originally called the fracture toughness, despite the fact that they are not numerically equal, it is now the quantity K, that is generally so called.

212(-32]1 where 0 = 0(a,c) is a factor that depends on the crack shape. 1-13) should be valid for crack depths up to half the thickness. 19) through the use of magnification factors designed to account for back surface and other effects. 20). Using the results of three-dimensional finite element analyses, Newman and Raju developed an empirical stress intensity factor equation for semielliptical surface cracks. The equation applies for cracks of arbitrary shape factor in finite sized plates for both tension and bending loads.

In certifying that a given crack shape will exemplify leak-before-break behavior, one ought to consider the effect of crack growth on the applied stresses. This is sometimes overlooked in practice, however. As a further thought on the subject of leak-before-break, suppose that the approximate analysis procedure just outlined suggests that fracture will occur in some instances. Because of the built-in conservatism, which could be sizable, the particular conditions may actually be fracture-safe. , an improper weld repair), may actually exacerbate the problem.

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