New PDF release: Advanced Magic: BESM D20 Supplement

By David Lyons, Michelle Lyons

ISBN-10: 1894938712

ISBN-13: 9781894938716

Complicated d20 Magic offers gamers with a balanced, subtle magic approach for d20 method role-playing video games (including BESM d20). The ebook presents whole principles for a skill-based magic approach, guidance on the right way to adequately convert conventional d20 spells to be used with the complicated procedure, and 1000s of switched over and new spells for simple use.

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This spell requires four spell slots to learn and has a base save DC of 30 (6 + one-fifth of 101 + 4). CONVERTING SPELLS Many spells do not require a material component in order to cast them. Those that do, however, are considered under these rules to use a focus. A focus can be any material item required to cast a spell. Foci can be either a basic focus (a holy symbol) or an expendable focus (material components). Where the preconversion spell assumes the use of one of these types of foci in a spell, the converted spell has an increased DC (representing the cost to cast the spell without the focus).

2 Caster Levels) One creature/Caster Level, no two of which can be more than 30 ft. apart SAVING THROW: Will negates (DC 16) This spell functions like bull’s strength, except that it affects multiple creatures. BURNING HANDS EVOCATION [FIRE] CASTING DC: # OF SLOTS: RANGE: AREA: DURATION: SAVING THROW: SPELL RESISTANCE: 20 1 15 ft. Cone-shaped burst Instantaneous Reflex half (DC 11) Yes A cone of searing flame shoots from your fingertips. Any creature in the area of the flames takes 1d4 points of fire damage per Caster Level (maximum 5d4).

After conversion, every spell will have a base casting time of 1 action. Many spells to be converted are originally listed with longer casting times. To accommodate this, the casting DCs for more complex spells (as noted by the additional time needed to cast them under the standard d20 rules) are increased if their casting times were originally longer than 1 action. Symbol of death has a normal casting time of 10 minutes. What this means is that casting symbol of death in 10 minutes is about as difficult as casting any other 8th-Level spell (normally a DC 48).

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