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1. Periodic Table postulating the future completion of telekinetic power-stations To illustrate the application of the Periodic Principle for predicting the future evolution of energy producing devices, the author constructed a corresponding Periodic Table which is shown as Table B2. This Table includes only those power producing devices whose operation utilizes various forms of motion. The motion in these devices is a kind of "catalyst agent" which absorbs the external energy, transfers it through various stages of conversion, to finally pass to an output medium.

For example, the Johnson motor requires a generator of the first generation to convert its mechanical output into electricity, whereas the DePalma generator requires a motor of the first generation to feed it with the motion. This draws us to the obvious conclusion that the overall efficiency of telekinetic power-stations can be increased in a simple way through the coupling together of two devices of the second generation. Thus, the more than 100% efficiency of the telekinetic generator would add to a similar efficiency of the telekinetic motor, significantly increasing the excess of overall efficiency.

The consumption of energy by the electric motor that provides the rotations necessary for its operation. The successful solving of these problems requires further experiments and research. 216 V for each n=1000 rev/min of the rotor. Thus the entire power of the N-Machine is contained in its Amperes, not in its Volts. On the other hand, designs of highly efficient electric motors require an input voltage of about 24 V. Therefore a commercially viable N-Machine needs to be able to produce this high voltage.

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