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By Kar Ping Shum, Zhe-Xian Wan, Jiping Zhang

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On Normalized desk Algebras Generated by means of a loyal Non-Real part of measure three (Z Arad & G Chen); Graph Semigroups (V Dlab & T Pospichal); Moor-Penrose Generalized Inverses of Matrices Over department earrings (Z-X Wan); M-Solid Pseudovarieties and Galois Connections (K Denecke & B Pibaljommee); Indecomposable Decompositions of CS-Modules (J L Gomez Pardo & P A Guil Asensio); Hereditary jewelry, QF2 jewelry and earrings of Finite illustration style (C R Hajarnavis); strong Burst mistakes Detecting Cyclic Codes (S Jain); at the Homology Bifunctors Over Semimodules (X T Nguyen); a few difficulties and Conjectures in Modular Representations (J-P Zhang); and different papers

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Semigroups called here intra-quasiregular (known also as semisimple semigroups) were from various aspects investigated by W. D. Munn in [12], 1955, and G. Szdsz in [15], 1974. G. Szdsz in [16, 171, 1976, studied left, right and intra-reproduced elements and semigroups, whereas S. Lajos and G. SzQz in [ll],1975, investigated the so-called ( p ,q, r)-regularity. All types of the regularity of semigroups determined by equations of the form a = amzan, with m, n 2 0 , m+n 2 2, were studied by R. Croisot in [8], 1953, who proved that any of them is equivalent to the regularity, left, right or complete regularity (see the book by Clifford and Preston [7], Sect.

I. Blau, B. Xu, 2. Arad, E. Fisman, V. Miloslvsky and M. Muzychuk. Homogeneous integral table algebras of degree three: a trilogy. Memoirs of the AMS, 144(684)(2000) [8] Y. Kawada. Uber den Dualitatssatz der vcharaktere nichtcommutative Gruppen. Proc. Phys. Math. Japan, 1942, 24(3), pp. 97-109 [9] G. Hoheisel, Uber Charatere. Monatsch. f. Math. Phys. 1939, 48, pp. 448-456 [lo] H. I. Blau. Quotient structures in C-algebra. J. of Algebra, v. 177(1995), pp. 297-337 [ll] 2 . Arad, H. Arisha, E. Fisman, M.

Every element of S is decomposable). S if B S B For undefined notions and notations we refer t o the books [l]and [9]. Next we prove several auxiliary assertions. 1. Let a semigroup S be a semilattice Y of semigroups S,, a E Y . If S satisfies anyone of the regularity conditions from Figure 3, then S, satisfies the same condition, for every 0 E Y . Figure 3. Proof. We will prove only the assertion concerning the condition (( c = zcycz)). The remaining cases can be proved similarly. Let S satisfies the condition (( c = zcycz)) and let a E Y be an arbitrary element.

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