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By John Stevens

ISBN-10: 0394714261

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This definitive, profusely illustrated guide covers the basic parts of the philosophy and perform of Aikido, the japanese martial artwork that has been embraced by way of smooth psychology and lots of Western bodywork therapies.
Useful to the newbie and skilled practitioner alike, the booklet info the normal equipment and strategies of Shirata Rinjiro, of whom John Stevens is a crucial pupil. famous for the right execution of a variety of options and an emphasis on Aikido as a religious direction, Shirata Senseis teachings exemplify the best way of the warrior: enhanced technical prowess mixed with profound non secular insight.
In addition to images and outlines of the entire vital Aikido options, Stevens recounts fascinating and vigorous anecdotes concerning the heritage of Aikido and its founder, Ueshiba Morihei, who built it from a martial paintings right into a religious self-discipline. A biography of Shirata Sensei, entire along with his reflections on sixty years of Aikido perform, can be incorporated.

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263. R E L E A S I N G O N E S E L F F RO M A WA I S T H O L D : Turning my body back to the N. I rake my finger bails across my stomach. PHOTO NO. 264. The finger nails are in the nail beds of the attacker's fingers. A164. I then turn my upper body and attack him with my right elbow. PHOTO NO. 265. He might try to pick up his foot to retreat. I drop to the ground with both of my palms and kick upward with my right foot into his groin. PHOTO NO. 266. A165. I further attack with my right palm to his groin.

PHOTO NO. 236 A145 Push his left palm under his right arm and step in with your right foot. PHOTO NO. 237 In an 'L' step. A146. Swivel to face the N. and lock his left palm under his arm with Page 38 B A G UA Z H A N G T H E C O M P L E T E S Y S T E M V O L 2 your right shoulder as you drop down onto your right knee and break his right arm. PHOTO NO. 238. A147. C A R RY T H E GOLDEN MAN ON YO U R BA C K : The same as the previous movements of the same name only in reverse. Facing the N. come up and take your left palm under your right palm to do the fa-jing push with a left step to the N.

Lose your ego and you will gain great fighting ability; keep it and you will only ever be as good as your ego will allow you to be. IN CONCLUSION: Remember that it is not the number of techniques that Bagua teaches, but rather the way it teaches us to defend ourselves. A martial art that is solely technique orientated is a useless martial art. One that teaches how to fight in real situations is the one that you should pursue. The level that Baguazhang will take both your self defence and healing ability is limitless, use it for the good of people-kind and not simply for fighting as this is the most base level!

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