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The man resembled one of the lowest forms of life, dragging himself along, his wounded leg leaving a sticky, intermittent trail of blood behind him. Bugayev couldn’t stand to watch the pathetic bid for escape any longer. He raised his automatic and shot out the man’s good knee. The man winced, whimpered and yelled out, and stopped in his tracks. Bugayev started striding over. The militsiya were busy calming bystanders, helping them up and herding them on. A handful of Bugayev’s men were assisting them, but most of the rest stood close by.

Zhelnin nodded and Bugayev closed his fist around the fragment of currency like it might be worth a fortune. Trix awoke as if falling out of a dream. Her arms and legs shot out reflexively, then she spread them around more patiently, her senses switching on to where she’d landed. She was lying in a large and decadently comfortable bed, silk sheets sensuously cool against her skin. She sat bolt upright, the sheets bunched around her. Then she let them drop and propped herself up on her hands, relaxing as she realised she was alone in a warm, bright bedroom.

They were inside! Inside! They made us do it! We had no choice! ’ If there was one thing Bugayev despised, it was a man who couldn’t shoulder responsibility for his own actions. Be a homicidal maniac, be anything you must, but have the decency and respect to hold up your hand when your head is on the block. Don’t blame it on God, the Devil, drink, your poor childhood, the state or anything else. Just the constant whimpering from this sub-human tightened Bugayev’s trigger finger. But, in the final analysis, he was dealing with more than one homicidal maniac, delirium-driven or otherwise.

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