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23 As for du Ban, there is no evidence that he ever had any compunctions about adhering to the Ordo. From Heereboord's Bronnen, Vol. n, p. 259. , pp. 331 *-3*. 20 Dibon, La Philosophie neerlandaise, Vol. I, pp. 110-3. See Adriaan Heereboord, "Ad curatores epistola," in Meletemata philosophica, maximam partem, metaphysica (Lugduni Batavorum: Ex officina Francisci Moyardi, 1654), p. 9. 21 See Reif, "Natural Philosophy," p. 26. " Dibon, La Philosophie neerlandaise, Vol. I, p. 113. 23 Dibon, loco cit.

66 and 73. , pp. 39-40 and 35. 62 The movens and mobile preserved the idea that everything moved was moved by another. , pp. 72-3. 84 Reif, "Natural Philosophy," p. 200. 60 81 FRANCO BURGERSDIJCK 27 Aristotelian "motion" was also conceived as encompassing all manifestations of change, including, even when generation and corruption were excluded, change in quantity and qUality as well as change in place. Indeed, it was qualitative change, "alteration," that provided Burgersdijck and his immediate successors at Leiden with their most frequent examples of motion, usually the heating or cooling of water.

III, p. 16. Heereboord, "Ad curatores epistola," p. 9. 110 81 TUMUL T OVER CAR TESIANISM lecture hall by any means. 68 The student harassment of Stuart, whatever its source, became such, indeed, that he abstained from presiding over public disputations for the next two years, until instructed by the curators in 1651 to carry out all his expected duties. 71 In 1658, however, it was the rector of the university himself, Antonius Thysius, professor of eloquence, who complained of student harassment attributed to the influence of Heereboord.

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