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Altogether eleven choked nozzles were installed in these feed lines to provide measurements over a wide range of flow rates of different gases. The benefit of employing choked nozzles is that variations in the back pressure will not affect the accuracy of the flow rate measurement. The jet was discharged vertically upward along the center line of the combustor from a circular b r a s nozzle. The jet was ignited by an electric spark. The location of the ignitor could be varied during tests from a point at the outer rim of the fuel nazzle up to 40 mm domstream.

The effect of an unconfined, CO-flowingair Stream on stability limits of non-premixed jet flames was studied experimentdy by many researchers [l, 6,13-19,44-461. Among these studies, only Varnos et al [13] and Yuasa [14]investigated thoroughly the flame stability limit curves of liftoff, blowout of lifted flames, blowout of attached flames and reattachment over a considerable range of CO-flowing stream velocity for hydrogen and methane as a jet fuel. Their findings show that an increase in the velocity of CO-flowingair stream decreased the blowout bits of lifted flames significantly, while it had a minor effect on reattachment limits- In cornparison, liftoff and blowout of attached flames are almost insensitive to stream velocities.

A similar trend was observed by other tesearchers as weil [27,30]. The limiting CO-flowingstream velocity increased somewhat 6 t h an increase in the nozzle diameter. 2 Stability Curves for Other Common f i e l s Stability curves similar to those described for methane jet dame were d s o obtained for propane, ethylene and hydrogen. 8. Regions 1, II and III can be ident5ed for all these fuels, however, their relative size depends on the type of a fuel. These regions were &O observed for an unconfined, CO-flowinghydrogen jet flame in air [14].

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