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Also, practice on a boxing bag to train for impact, and train workout coordination on the pads with a trainer or coach. A right direct punch (jab) is made by moving the right fist in a straight line to the target. Just before impact, the hip starts to turn and reaches its maximum at moment of impact. The difference between right and left is that the hip must be turned deeper into the movement to bridge a bigger gap than the left. Moving back is done in a straight line exactly the same way it began.

Training these hits is best practiced in front of a mirror, with a partner or with pads. 53­ Muay Thai 53 54 Long uppercut with pads 55 Partner training uppercut 56 Basic fighting position 58 Uppercut with the left, 90 degree turned, fist 59 Pull back in straight line, basic position 54­ 57 60 Front view, look at the position of elbow Fist and Arm Techniques Uppercuts are forgotten weapons in most fights. The main reason is that during training people pay to less attention to the way the body must support the uppercut to be powerful.

By moving, the power that is produced returns a force during the moment of impact of a punch. Compare it with two cars in an accident. Both add a force to the collision causing damage to both vehicles, even at low speed. When the wrist is bent, even a little, the power carries via a straight line principle back into the wrist. Because of the straight line, the impact power follows any angle that disturbs this line and receives a maximum power pressure on that point. If the point is weak enough, an injury is created.

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