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By Nikky-Guninder Kaur Singh, Joanne O'Brien, Martin Palmer

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Discusses the foundation of Sikhism as an try and reconcile the ideals of Muslims and Hindus, the conflicts it has confronted over the centuries, and up to date advancements.

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According to their accounts on October 6, 1708, Guru Gobind Singh lay dying. He had not yet named a successor and his disciples wondered on whom the mantle of guruship would fall. At last the guru called for the Adi Granth. When his disciples brought the holy book to him Gobind Singh placed a coin and a coconut before it, much as Nanak had done in naming Angad Guru as his sucessor. Gobind Singh bowed his head in reverence. Then he commanded the gathered community to acknowledge the Adi Granth as the guru in his place.

Throughout his ministry, inspired by the Divine One, he sang and recited many more verses. The sacred songs of Nanak were the beginning of Sikh scripture. Nanak’s poems express a range of experience from great joy to deep grief. They tell of his longing to be united with the Infinite Divine One, his awe at the grandeur and vastness of creation, and his sympathy for fellow beings in bondage and oppression. Sikhs believe that Nanak’s poetry was not consciously created but A Sikh man reads from the Guru Granth, the Sikh holy book, during a wedding service in the gurdwara.

GuRu nAnAk’s dEATH Nanak died on September 7, 1539. The Janamsakhi story records that after Nanak’s death his sheet-covered body was claimed by both Hindus and Muslims, each group wanting to perform the last rites. According to their customs the Hindus wanted to cremate Nanak’s body; the Muslims, to bury it. However when the sheet was pulled away, nothing was there but flowers. According to the story the sheet and the flowers were divided between the Muslims and the Hindus to be disposed of according to the beliefs of each group.

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