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By J. Yimm Lee, Bruce Lee

ISBN-10: 0897500377

ISBN-13: 9780897500371

Edited by way of Bruce Lee and that includes jeet kune do legend Ted Wong, this publication introduces the reader to the sil lim tao shape, the immovable-elbow and centerline theories, chi sao (sticky hands), trapping, and lots more and plenty extra. Wing Chun Kung-Fu keeps to set the traditional for martial arts tutorial books, and it has turn into the perennial learn advisor for kung fu fanatics of all ability degrees.

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Understanding your own art means little more than being honest, even if it is only with yourself. Is your art a kicking art, punching art, or a grappling art? Is it close range, long range, semi-contact, full contact, an attacking art or a defensive art? Whatever your art is analyse what it is not, that will be where your weakness lies. It is also wise to place your main range under pressure just to make sure that you are as good at it (or it is as good) as you think. It is also important to analyse whether your main range, be it kicking, punching or grappling is pre-dominantly short range or long range.

Even the feelings that accompany negativity can be countered with defiance. I always tell myself, ‘Do your worst, I can handle it, I can handle twice what you’re giving me’. The biggest fight is always with yourself and the more wins you get under your belt the stronger you become and the weaker your inner opponent becomes. Once you have the inner opponent under control you are well on the way. Fight back negativity right from the onset. Each negative thought you allow to penetrate your psyche may, and usually does, erode a small part of your will until eventually you are defeated.

Every system has something to offer, and to say that they do not is to be blinkered. To trash all traditionalists simply because they are traditional, or to trash other stylists because they do not follow the same way as us would also be very blinkered. The one thing that all martial arts have in common is that they all have something to offer if we would only open our eyes wide enough to see. Understanding your own art means little more than being honest, even if it is only with yourself. Is your art a kicking art, punching art, or a grappling art?

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